Best Talent Partnership


Croomo partners with ViaUp to create off-the-shelf workplace compliance courses that bring boring subjects to life. ViaUp courses include Alcohol and Other Drugs; Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination; Driver Safety; Stress, Anxiousness and Anxiety; and Office Ergonomics.

ViaUp is an Australian online course provider that specialises in delivering corporate learning that resonates. ViaUp’s course library has been developed with fundamental learning design principles in mind, to ensure employees understand and appreciate the importance of:

  • an inclusive workplace
  • a healthy workplace
  • a safe workplace
  • a sustainable workplace
  • ViaUp courses are created in collaboration with leading subject matter experts, to ensure the learning material is at the forefront of current workplace trends and challenges. Upon enrolling in a course, learners experience modern web-based delivery and rich, interactive video unlike most other e-learning courses. To achieve a high level of content quality and position themselves as a premium brand in market, ViaUp partnered with Croomo.

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