Shiftwork Solutions

Fatigue Management


Shiftwork Solutions have 25 years’ experience providing services to shift workers in a variety of industries. Their training materials cover both on-the-job skills, as well as helping them manage their time off the clock. Because of the strenuous nature of shift work, many shift workers develop fatigue. Shiftwork Solutions knew that the causes of fatigue could be corrected through education, and they contacted Croomo to translate their knowledge into an online module.

A challenge with this project was that influencing an individual’s personal life is often met with strong resistance—even when the changes are in their best interest. To address this, Croomo took a pragmatic approach, focusing on the benefits of proper fatigue management. Croomo also attempted to deal with fatigue separately from the individual affected by it—embodying fatigue with a green cartoon monster. Users are introduced to various scenarios in which the monster of fatigue ‘sucks the fun’ out of a shift worker’s life. Options are presented for dealing with the monster, with a focus on practical, realistic actions—for example, instead of being told to ‘stop drinking coffee’, learners are guided through reducing their intake gradually. In this way, users are empowered to deal with the negative influences on their wellbeing, rather than being blamed for them.

The result was a highly effective online project that allowed Shiftwork Solutions to significantly upscale their reach at minimal cost compared to their existing face-to-face training. Croomo’s exceptional work was recognised at the 2017 LearnX awards, with this project winning the Gold Award for ‘Best Wellbeing Project’, and the Platinum Award for ‘Best Audio’.