Dept of Transport and Main Roads



The drivers most at risk in Queensland are those aged 24 years or younger, with young drivers being 60% more likely to crash than those who are more mature. So, when the Queensland Government developed their Road Safety Action Plan 2017–2019, a key objective was to ‘better support young people in becoming safe and responsible drivers.’ They determined that one way to do this would be to revise the existing, four-decade-old process for getting a learner licence.

Croomo developed an online course that would simultaneously teach and test participants, using an interactive scenario-based approach. The final product, known as PrepL takes learners through a 4-6 hour online interactive course that includes simulated driving scenarios and powerful real-life interviews with those affected by fatal car crashes.

Unlike the existing 30-question multiple choice paper test, PrepL learners have to answer a selection of more than 380 separate questions, challenges, and activities. The scenarios respond to the learner’s input, showing the consequences of doing the wrong thing, rather than simply indicating a wrong answer. This way, the learner is given a clear understanding of how the road rules ensure their safety.

“Students don’t just learn the road rules with PrepL; they learn why it’s important to have the right attitude, and, in a virtual environment, they experience the consequences of poor driving”, said Daniel Bermingham, Croomo’s Chief Growth Officer.

PrepL emphasises the Fatal Five factors—distraction and inattention, drink or drug driving, speeding, failure to use a seatbelt, and fatigue—the leading causes of serious crashes. Learners are shown real video testimony of people involved in crashes, including drivers, families, and emergency workers. These stories create a powerful link between the rules being taught and road safety. By blending different learning methodologies, Croomo has created a highly effective teaching tool that hopes to reduce injury and fatality on Queensland roads.

PrepL has more educational value and is more economical than present testing measures. Currently, new drivers receive their learner licence after passing a 30-question written exam taken in-person at the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Conducting tens of thousands of these tests each year comes at significant cost in time, staffing, and resources. It is also inconvenient for learners, particularly those in remote or regional areas. Replacing this with an online option promises substantial savings over the years to come, and allows learners to complete the test at their own pace, using their own smartphone, computer, or tablet.


“Croomo worked with us to create something really new and innovative that we think pushed the right sort of buttons. PrepL is absolutely first-class and just so different”.

John Wroblewski
General Manager, Transport Regulation Branch